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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Open Road Summer (Review)

Open Road Summer
By: Emery Lord

After breaking up with her bad-news boyfriend, Reagan O’Neill is ready to leave her rebellious ways behind. . . and her best friend, country superstar Lilah Montgomery, is nursing a broken heart of her own. Fortunately, Lilah’s 24-city tour is about to kick off, offering a perfect opportunity for a girls-only summer of break-up ballads and healing hearts. But when Matt Finch joins the tour as its opening act, his boy-next-door charm proves difficult for Reagan to resist, despite her vow to live a drama-free existence. This summer, Reagan and Lilah will navigate the ups and downs of fame and friendship as they come to see that giving your heart to the right person is always a risk worth taking. A fresh new voice in contemporary romance, Emery Lord’s gorgeous writing hits all the right notes.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Great (Review)

By: Sara Benincasa

Everyone loves a good scandal.

Naomi Rye usually dreads spending the summer with her socialite mother in East Hampton. This year is no different. She sticks out like a sore thumb among the teenagers who have been summering (a verb only the very rich use) together for years. But Naomi finds herself captivated by her mysterious next-door neighbor, Jacinta. Jacinta has her own reason for drawing close to Naomi-to meet the beautiful and untouchable Delilah Fairweather. But Jacinta's carefully constructed world is hiding something huge, a secret that could undo everything. And Naomi must decide how far she is willing to be pulled into this web of lies and deception before she is unable to escape.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Last Best Kiss (Review)

The Last Best Kiss
By: Claire LaZebnik

Anna Eliot is tired of worrying about what other people think. After all, that was how she lost the only guy she ever really liked, Finn Westbrook.

Now, three years after she broke his heart, the one who got away is back in her life.

All Anna wants is a chance to relive their last kiss again (and again and again). But Finn obviously hasn’t forgotten how she treated him, and he’s made it clear he has no interest in having anything to do with her.

Anna keeps trying to persuade herself that she doesn’t care about Finn either, but even though they’ve both changed since they first met, deep down she knows he’s the guy for her. Now if only she can get him to believe that, too....

Monday, March 31, 2014

MHHB Hiatus

Okay, as I write this, I'm trying my hardest not to cry. Trying my hardest. Because this is so freaking hard. I've written a post like this twice before and twice I've deleted it. Until, now, when I think I finally have to post it and it's finally real. 

So, I accidentally uploaded this before it was ready, so I'm just going to continue on with my thoughts. 

So it's my last semester of college and to saying it's hasn't been smooth sailing, it's putting it mildly. I just have so much going on and when I get ahead in one class, I'm still drowning in another. It's like this constantly juggling act. 

Not to mention, I have an internship. As far as internships go it's really cool, but it still takes up time. More than I had anticipated. 

And blogging. I've been behind since this semester started but I'd had so much scheduled, it was okay for awhile. 

Then everything started catching up and something's got to give. Unforunately, until I graduate, it's going to have to be blogging. Which really sucks because I was starting to see so much progress.

So what does this hiatus mean? Well, I'm going to try to fulfill all my obligations. I have some e-ARCs that need to be reviewed, so I'll catch up on those eventually. I'll still try to be around on twitter, but mostly if you'll see me socially online, it'll probably be tumblr. I have an addiction with that site, for better or worse. I have a few more scheduled reviews left, so I won't be completely gone. 

I'll try to check in occasionally, but my main focus is graduating. I just need to do that and everything will be all right. 

ARC You Excited?!?!

I don't know why I have this weird relationship with ARCs. I don't necessarily blog for the ARCs, I blog because I love reading YA. I love getting caught up in the story. Sometimes, I love living vicariously through characters. That's what I love, but I think there's this idea in the community that ARCs illustrate success. I don't know how it started, but I'd be lying if I said if I didn't feel vulnerable to this school of thought sometimes. Sometimes, I just think and plot about how to get so successful that I'd be worthy of the ARCs. I don't know. That's how I feel sometimes. 

But I was literally just thinking to myself about it and I decided that I needed to write and think it through by blogging. 

What do I love about ARCs? It's more than the status thing for me, but it's definitely part of it too though. How do you measure success? I can't by numbers. Or at least the numbers don't really mean anything to me (which I think it funny because isn't that how you score ARCs?). I gain new followers slowly. I don't want to gain followers by giveaways because that just seems like an empty number to me. What's the point of having +1000 followers if they're not interacting. Also, I just don't have the money to sustain giveaways. I have to plan and save to do a giveaway and honestly if I'm being really honest, I'd rather just spend that money on books that I can read. 

I don't count success by page views or comments either. I mean, I have a goal of the number of page views that I like hitting daily and I have a goal that I like to have every post to have at least one comment. But I think those are personal goals, not something that publishers care about. 

So as I sat on my desk, thinking, I had a little epiphany. It wasn't anything profound, but I just thought: Even if I had all the ARCs that I wanted I'd have absolutely no time to read them. Which I think might be worse. So that's where I'm at right now. 

I think for the time being that I'm just going to concentrate on reading the ARCs that I do have and reviewing them. I just want to fulfill this commitment before I take on more, you know? School is so hectic and I have so much to do and I'm falling behind on both the academic and blogging front. 

So right now, that's where I'm at. I haven't really won this big war in my relationship with ARCs, which I think, is this connection I've made between being worthy, being successful, blogging and ARCS, but I think I've won a small but very important battle.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Haul #9

So I usually try to do a book haul every other week but I haven't done one in almost a month. So there's a lot. 

Review Books

Love & Leftover
Fever 1793
The Karma Club
Last Sacrifice
Queen of Kentucky
The Book of Blood and Shadow
Time Between Us
The Ruining

I got most of the books on the picture from the left from Goodwill for only $23 (except Divergent where I got at Walmart and was lucky enough to get it signed by Shailene Woodley and Theo James. I also bought Insurgent and Allegiant from T.J. Maxx at a great discounted price...about $12 each).

I got Time Between Us & Unrembered from Little Shop of Stories at the Girls Gone Sci-Fi event. I also got The Ruining & Jane Eyre (B&N classic version, not pictured) at Barnes & Noble.

*Also I'm giving a way a signed Divergent poster (signed by Shailene Woodley and Theo James). It's open internationally!


Borrowed from Sandra at Waiting for Wentworth.
I was super bummed when I didn't get a copy of Only Everything then Sandra let me borrow it from her and gahhhhhh! I'm going to read it this weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Returning Books - Discussion Posts

Awhile ago, on Facebook I saw an author page post their own discussion post about returning ebooks on Amazon. While I hadn't known the function existed, I found the whole article to be intriguing until one part, a part that an author said that readers who returned books were worse than people who pirated books. That bugged me. Months later it still bugged me and I've decided to write about it.

Here's why I reject that and I feel insulted. As a reader I have hundreds of books. I try to support authors any way that I can, whether it's buying their books, passing their books along to friends, attending events, promoting them on anyone of my various social networking accounts and my blog. I support authors and books.

Am I guilty of returning books that I've purchased and read? Yes. As far as I can remember I've only done it twice. Once years ago, I returned a physical copy of a book that I hated. Once after reading that article, because I had literally just purchased and read an ebook from Amazon that I hated. Both times I had a really strong violent reaction to the books. I more than hated them. It was so physically painful to read them. Both were published from big publishers.

While I don't condone "cheating the system" and using it as a way to perpetually read and return books you like or dislike, I think if you have a strong visceral negative reaction to a book, you should be allowed to return it. Why? From an author's POV, I know it must feel like you can't win. That people used your product and returned it. It probably must feel like people are taking money from your pocket. I do understand it...but...

As a consumer, it's not in my best interest. As a college student I have a very limited income which I choose to spend on books. A choice that I very rarely regret. Even if I dislike a book, I don't generally regret buying it. I pass it forward. It just sits them on one of my bookshelves until I need room, in that case, I usually donate it to the library. But I feel like on the rare occasion where I absolutely hate a novel, that I have the right to return it.

I guess my real argument is not on the ethics of returning books that you've read, my argument is does that make you worse than people who pirate books? I don't download pirated books. I also don't have the moral high ground to judge people who do. Is it wrong? Yes. I believe that it is, but I also believe that it's not that black and white. However, I just don't understand why people would think people who return books are worse than people who pirate books. I understand why authors would be mad, it affects their livelihood. At the same time I understand why people would. I tried to supporting the author, but ultimately I shouldn't be penalized and shackled to a product that I hate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Museum of Intangible Things (Review)

The Museum of Intangible Things
By: Wendy Wunder

Hannah and Zoe haven’t had much in their lives, but they’ve always had each other. So when Zoe tells Hannah she needs to get out of their down-and-out New Jersey town, they pile into Hannah’s beat-up old Le Mans and head west, putting everything—their deadbeat parents, their disappointing love lives, their inevitable enrollment at community college—behind them.

As they chase storms and make new friends, Zoe tells Hannah she wants more for her. She wants her to live bigger, dream grander, aim higher. And so Zoe begins teaching Hannah all about life’s intangible things, concepts sadly missing from her existence—things like audacity,insouciancekarma, and even happiness.

Monday, March 24, 2014

YA Movie Review: Divergent

In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she's Divergent and won't fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it's too late.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Infinite (Review)

By: Jodi Meadows

The Year of Souls begins with an earthquake—an alarming rumble from deep within the earth—and it’s only the first of greater dangers to come. The Range caldera is preparing to erupt. Ana knows that as Soul Night approaches, everything near Heart will be at risk.

Ana’s exile is frightening, but it may also be fortuitous, especially if she can convince her friends to flee Heart and Range with her. They’ll go north, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan’s ascension. And with any luck, the newsouls will be safe from harm’s reach.

The oldsouls might have forgotten the choice they made to give themselves limitless lifetimes, but Ana knows the true cost of reincarnation. What she doesn’t know is whether she’ll have the chance to finish this one sweet life with Sam, especially if she returns to Heart to stop Janan once and for all.

With gorgeous romance and thrilling action, the final book in the Incarnate trilogy offers a brilliant conclusion to the compelling questions of this fascinating world, where one new girl is the key to the lives of millions.

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