Calling for Guest Reviewers

So recently I did an inventory of all the ARCs that I need to review for the year...and it's a lot. More than I honestly think I can read by myself. So rather than just letting them sitting around, I want to share the wealth with my bookish friends. 

I was actually inspired by Andye at the Reading Teen

For awhile I was debating whether or not I wanted to look for a co-blogger, but I decided against it for a number of reasons. Instead, I'll start accepting guest reviewers. 

How it'll work is that before you can request any of the ARCs up for review, you have fill out the Guest Reviewer Application/Contract. It'll give me basic info so I can ship you the book. The review is an exclusive and original review for this blog. Meaning, you can't copy the same review and post it  anywhere else. If you want to write another review for your own blog, feel free to do so, but it has to be completely different from the one that you're submitting to me.

If you live in the U.S. I'll ship it to you, completely free of charge. If you live outside of the U.S., I will cover up to $4 USD, but you will have to cover the rest of the shipping costs. (I'll talk to individuals about it, if this applies to them).

To request an ARC, you must fill out this form. It'll work on a first come, first served basis. Below is a list, where I'll try to constantly update.

If the ARC that you want to review has more than a month before it's published (at time of request) then you must submit the review at least a week before it's published. If the ARC that you request has less than a month before it is published, it'll work on a case by case basis, but you'll have at least a month before the review is due to me. 

I'll keep a list of the available ARCs. I'll try to update as requests come in, but I want you to know that the amount of ARCs that I receive fluctuates. Sometimes, I get a lot, sometimes I don't get many. And guest reviewing is just to supplement all the reviews that I'll be doing myself. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns just comment or email me!


  1. Aly, where would we send the reviews once they're done?

    1. To my email. Sorry! I definitely should've put that up there. But yeah, you'd send it to me via email. I'd format it and everything, giving you proper credit and linking back to you.


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